Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pinnacle Academy a School?

Yes. All our locations offer in person education from teachers on site.

What grades are offered at Pinnacle Academy?

We offer grades K-8 for boys and girls.

Are there online options for education as well?

Yes. Students have the option to enroll for in person, online, or a hybrid model of education.

Does Pinnacle Academy Field Its Own Athletic Teams?

No. We offer education and athletics training for students during the school year. Each student participates in their own youth association or club for organized sports and games.

What do students focus on during athletic Training?

Our staff is dedicated to teaching specific skills and nuances to their sport. We know many “Team Coaching” situations focus on specific team skills. At Pinnacle Academy, we work on developing each athlete by focusing on parts of the game specific to their needs. We also focus on concepts and development rarely taught in a team environment.

What does the Athletics combo entail?

We want to foster well-rounded athletes! At Pinnacle Academy, even though you may have a favorite, we encourage participation in multiple sports. Any student could participate in multiple sports throughout the week and school year. As an example, a student that loves to play hockey and golf could skate Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and work on their golf game on Tuesday and Thursday!

What if Pinnacle Academy does not offer my sport?

For our first year we are offering Hockey, Golf, Lacrosse, and Soccer as specific sports. We also have physical education time each week focused on general athletic activity, additional sports, and FUN!

Additional Questions?

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