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European Tours

At Pinnacle Academy, we believe in the value of experiencing different cultures and traveling to destinations we feel are out of reach.

We combine our love for sports and academics to create once in lifetime experiences in Europe.

Join us in visiting Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Germany, England, Finland, and Sweden on our European tours!

Spring Break Excursions

It can be a long cruel winter in the Midwest! Join Pinnacle Academy for Spring Break in some of our favorite warm weather destinations.

We want to give our students and families a deserved break, but if you still want to play, we have you covered!

Oh, and this is a great time for GOLF!

All Campus Field Trips

Pinnacle Academy is developing multiple locations for family convenience and less drive/bus time. It is still fun to see how other student athletes operate.

We have designed all-campus field trips and events to create variety and fun for our students during the year.

Join us for Bowling, XGolf, Movies, and more during your academic year.

Canadian Trip

We live in the state of hockey (or close to it) but there is another area that calls hockey “Their Game”.

We have great connections with leaders and coaches in Canadian locations. Our trips north of the border provide an insight into how other hockey crazed students go about their day. Not to mention the beautiful sights and venues we visit.

Soccer Experiences

Why not head overseas and see how the world’s favorite sport looks live and in person.

Regardless of the sport you play, the passion for soccer across the world is inspiring to see live!